FORMAUS WOOD has been manufacturing and marketing a full range of engineered wood-based materials since 2005 which can help you increase productivity, lower cost and work safer.
We specialize in marketing formwork panels included film faced plywood and 3 layer formwork panel,A series of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) which working as accessories for construction industry and plywoods for industry of furniture,decoration,packing etc.
We supply wood based building materials such as 3 layer formwork panel& film faced plywood(for concrete formwork), LVL scaffolding planks (for use as scaffolding platforms or decks), LVL formwork beams (for use as supporting beams in concrete formwork), and structural LVL beams for use as permanent members in timber-framed residential and commercial construction. All kinds of plywoods used for different use in industry of furniture,packing,decoration etc.
FORMAUS WOOD leads the market in 3 layer formwork panel, A series of LVL products in world market with our own brands.



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