LVL Scaffold Plank

Formaus LVL scaffold plank an engineered wood prouct designed specifically for use as a scaffold plank. It is created by permanently bonding individual veneers together, using adhesive, heat and pressure, with the grain in each layer of veneer running parallel to the grain in the next.The unique process by which it is manufactured disperses the inherent defects found in solid sawn lumber. Natural characteristics such as knots and wane are rearranged to maximize strength and minimize warping and split.The structural reliability of Formaus LVL scaffold plank makes it the perfect solution for a safe, lightweight scaffold plank. Each Formaus LVL scaffold plank is made from many layers of thin veneer, which increases the uniformity and strength of the product.


• Individually Proof-tested.

    • Longer lengths-fewer trip hazards and greater spans

• Enhanced durability and safety  (OSHA/ANSI/EN/BS).

    • No metal straps required.

• Meets industry standards.

    • Low maintenance.

• Stamped as”scaffold plank”.

    • Perfect for petrochemical and gas industry.

• Excellent structural rigidity.

    • Electrical insulation properties.

• Predictable strength.

    • Anti-corrosive and chemical properties.

• Lightest in weight.

    • Ideal for use where layouts inhibit modular systems.

• 38x 225 specially engineered to optimise for 1.8m span.

    • Low inert temperature.